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CrossFit King of Prussia is NOT your average health club or globo-gym. We do not pride ourselves on taking your money and hoping you never show up. As an officially licensed CrossFit affiliate...more

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    I was the kid that got picked last in gym class and I was never on a sports team. I was the “fat kid... [more]
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    I was the kid that got picked last in gym class and I was never on a sports team. I was the “fat kid” for as long as I can remember. By 23 years old I had reached a weight of 420lbs. I had a gastric bypass surgery and lost 160lbs. The surgery helped me to lose the weight, but I still had emotionally issues I needed to resolve that led to me gaining back 60lbs. I am however grateful for regaining that weight after the surgery because it help force me to finally face my issues with food and make a decision to love and accept myself regardless of my weight. My commitment to loving myself helped me begin to change my lifestyle. I started eating healthier and returned to Curves where I had a membership that I wasn’t using. Something just didn’t feel right when I returned to Curves. They weighed and measured and focused on “weight loss.” I wanted to ENJOY exercise, instead of doing as a means to an end. I heard about CrossFit from an old friend and decided that I would check it out when my membership was up in October. A few weeks later Curves announced they were closing, that same day I gave Aimee a call.

    From the very first week CrossFit felt like a puzzle piece (that had been missing my whole life) clicking right into place. I had paid for a 2x a week membership but after one week I paid the difference and increased it to 3x a week, I was hooked! I found the intensity and variety of the workouts to be exactly what I was looking for. I was having FUN working out! I discovered at 29 years old, that I actually LOVED being physical with my body and the sense of accomplishment of being able to push my limits. I loved that the workouts, helped me practice being in the present moment. When you are struggling through 50 reps, or throwing 100lbs over your head, all you can focus on is the moment, listening to yourself and to your body, you can’t think of your grocery list or worry about what the person next to you is thinking! For me CrossFit is a spiritual practice, look meditation in movement.I was really out of shape when I started, but never felt out of place at CrossFit KoP. When they say the workouts are scalable, it is really true. More important than the scalability is the community that Aimee has created. The coaches and other members helped me to succeed from day one (and in the beginning that meant just being able to finish the workout!) and celebrated with me my progress, no matter how small.

    The progress I have made is clear and definite. I went from just being able to finish workouts, to being able to finish with the rest of the class, from not being able to run 400 meters with out walking to being able to run a 1/2 mile, from jumping pull-ups to being able to kip with a black band and from a 7 inch box jump to a 191/2 inch box jump, to name a few! I did not set out to lose weight, but as a result of my lifestyle changes including CrossFit, I have gone from a pants size 26 to size 18 in fewer than 5 months. CrossFit has toned and defined my body in ways it has never been before. As I turn 30 I have the strongest, healthiest and best looking body I have ever had in my entire life. I am so grateful to have found CrossFit KoP; it has truly changed my life.

    Now CrossFit has become a family affair. My husband has started CrossFit and my two youngest children go to CrossFit Kids classes. My 3 year old, wakes up in the morning asking me if she can go to CrossFit. She is learning NOW at age three that movement is fun and rewarding...and I am proud to be her role model. CrossFit may not be for everyone, but its unique blend of intensity, variability to keep it interesting, result production and its community atmosphere are definitely worth giving a try! How many people do you know that can wait to go to the gym? I know a lot of them and I met them all at CrossFit King of Prussia.

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